Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Islamification of American Evangelicalism

Keith Drury wrote an interesting post a while back entitled: Islamification of American Evangelicalism.

He muses about 6 things we might see if Christians were take pointers from Islam:
1) Elevation of the Father over the other members of the Trinity
2) The glory of God is all that matters.
3) Elevation of males and subordination of women
4) Destiny
5) Nationalizing religious values
6) Holy war

He doesn't mention or even allude to Calvinism in the post, but I definitely see points 1-4 as applicable to the Calvinist system.

Drury is a professor/pastor at Indiana Wesleyan University. If you haven't checked out his site, give it a look. There's lots of good stuff there. He is opinionated, yet also has a knack for addressing serious topics in a disarming manner. (note: use IE on his site, firefox doesn't seem to render pages correctly)


The Seeker said...

Pizza man:

Just wait until you see the tax, called JIZYAH [http://debate.org.uk/topics/history/xstnc-5.html] that the Islamist intend to impose on you!

Here's another juicy passage from http://www.metalog.org/files/hadith/16.Paradise_Hell.htm :

In religions where theology is supreme, moral action occupies a secondary place. A man is justified by faith; he is already one of God’s elect or damned long before he is even born. Muhammad anticipates Luther and Calvin by a thousand years, “None amongst you would attain salvation purely because of his deeds,” Muhammad says “Observe moderation” in your doings, he advises; but if you fail, “try to do as much as you can do and be happy for none would be able to get into paradise because of his deeds alone”. It is not God’s grace that wins salvation but either the atoning death of His only son or the intercessory power of His last Prophet.

Be forewarned of the sexual content in Islamic Apologetics.

SLW said...

Interesting that you made the Calvin connection-- the same thing popped into my mind as I was reading the points. Calvinism and and Islam, strange bedfellows, hmmm.

Kyle said...

I would add: Determinism

Kyle said...

If you are interested in seeing me tango with some 5-pointers, take a look:


Kyle said...


Pizza Man said...

Nicely done Kyle. I love how you go on the offense.

Kyle said...

Pizza man,

I have found that when you put Calvinists on the defense, suddenly they get really quiet (or launch ad hominems!)

I really don't hate Calvinists, I hope people don't get the wrong impression. But I do hate Calvinism.