Monday, October 6, 2008

The Life of John Wesley

YouTube has a three part video series about the life of John Wesley. It is well worth the watch. Run time is about 3 minutes per clip. (HT: Arminian Today)

The author Chris Denne has done some other interesting series as well (William J Seymour for example)


Crowm said...

Thanks for this post Kevin. What's your fav Wesley biography? and why?


Pizza Man said...

Hi Mike, I'm no expert on Wesley - even if he's in my blog name. :) If you have a bio you have enjoyed let me know.

The only one I've read on him: John Wesley: Holiness of Heart & Life by Yrigoyen and Daugherty. I found it at at a yard sale and got it for cheap. It was a good read, but it was written with a specific audience in mind (as a textbook for UMC students).