Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Contemporary English Paraphrase of First Clement

I'm doing a contemporary English paraphrase of First Clement. The format for this is not conducive to a blog, so I'm posting it on my Arminian Books website. Here is the link: First Clement in Modern English.

The paraphrase is based on a combination of the J.B. Lightfoot translation, and the Roberts-Donaldson translation. I will follow the verse structure of the Lightfoot translation. Hopefully someone will find this useful. :)

As noted in the previous post, Clement of Rome was an early Church father. Roman Catholics consider him to be one of the first popes. He is believed to have died around AD 100. It is possible that he personally knew some of the apostles such as Peter and Paul. He wrote a letter to the Corinthians around the year AD 96. This may be close to the time that John wrote the book of Revelation. While not considered the level of scripture, the letter is well respected, and was frequently read in the early church, particularly in the area near Corinth.

An interesting side note is Clement's comment on the legend of the Phoenix (chapter 25). He clearly takes the legend literally, and uses it as an analogy to the ressurection.


Ryan Carter said...

The new moody classics Apostolic Fathers volume is nice.

Kevin Jackson said...

Thanks Ryan, it's affordable too.