Friday, March 5, 2010

Added Word Verification

I added "word verification" for comments. This is to help reduce the amount of Chinese link spam that unfortunately comes. Anyone can still comment, it will just ask for the word verification now. If this sort of nonsense continues, I will switch to wordpress. :)


DonaldH said...

I was getting the same thing my friend. And the only thing I was able to translate was the word, bus. Definitely, spyware, adware spam bot, spam-a-lot.

Tony-Allen said...

I had to do it on my blog as well. I don't know what's up with the Chinese these days, spamming blogs. Jerks.

Also, my word verification says "crocufjx." I thought it said "crucifix" at first.

Anonymous said...

Hope you make the move to WordPress at some point, Kevin. I think you would like it! :)


Kevin Jackson said...

Churchmouse, I have definitely considered it. An aversion to change is only thing that's keeping me with blogspot at this point. :)