Sunday, June 14, 2009

Calvin and Hobbes on Fatalism

HT: Dale Wayman


DonaldH said...

This was rich! ROFL!

Patrick said...

Hi Kevin, thanks for leaving a comment. I couldnt read that article it said the link was broken. Do you wana gimmie the main gist of it?

God Bless


Kevin Jackson said...

Hi Patrick, Sorry about sending a bum link.

In short Hamilton argues that the sheep in John are God fearing Jews who were seeking after the Father prior to the arrival of the Son. When Jesus came, all these believing Jews (and later Gentiles) were given over to him by the Father. So when Jesus speaks to the Pharisees in John 10 and says "you don't believe because you aren't my sheep" he is saying that they were never following the father in the first place. If they had known the Father they would know him. This comports very well with the flow of John and parallels with Jesus prayer in John 17:6.

Patrick said...


Im not sure what your trying to get across by this point?

So These pharisees wernt following the father in the first place?
Because if they had been they would have known Christ?



Kevin Jackson said...

Hi Patrick, yes that's it exactly. The Pharisees were not following the father, so they didn't know the son. Those who were following the father knew the son.

God bless,