Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Interesting Links - 6/10/2009

Was Toplady's hymn "Rock of Ages" a satirical swipe against the Wesley brothers? "Whereas most hymns have been written out of some deep personal need or experience, this hymn evidently was born in a spirit of passionate controversy."

Former Calvinist Bob Brewer shares the Good News.

A homeschooling mom stays Wesleyan, despite the peer pressure. Way to go!

Have you heard that American Christianity is on the decline? This article says maybe not. (HT: Peter Lumpkins).

Ben Witherington interviews N.T. Wright. This is well worth the read.

John Calvin, John Wesley, and a modern Wesleyan have a chat.


palmzealot said...

Hey, thank you for the link! That was very nice of you! A HUGE majority of the homeschooling world is Calvinist, most of the curriculum is as well. Kinda frustrating, but oh well, makes for some great learning experiences. :)

I would love your thoughts on N.T. Wright. I have only recently heard of him, am reading his book "Surprised by Hope."

palmzealot said...

Ha Ha. That previous post was by Holly Johnson, from I had to borrow my son's gmail acct to post. :)

William Watson Birch said...


Your post on SEA today is hilarious. I don't know which is more funny, what YCs believe or the Arminian corollary! Great stuff.

Pizza Man said...

Holly, My pleasure. Your post was very interesting.

Billy, Thanks, I had a lot of fun with that one. The "Arminian corollary" helps to soften it up a bit. :)

Pizza Man said...

Holly, regarding N.T. Wright, I actually haven't any of his books. I've read some of his online essays, that's about it. He's on my to read list. So many authors and so little time! :)

Somewhat related, here are my thoughts on NPP: LINK

The Seeking Disciple said...

Kevin, I had to post a link to the SEA satire. It was too funny to pass up. Hope you didn't mind.

Pizza Man said...

That's great Roy, thanks!

Pizza Man said...

If anyone else is interested in the post, it can be found here: Stuff Young Calvinists Like