Monday, October 5, 2009

Arminian Resource: Libarary of Theology

I just ran across this web site: Library of Theology. They have quite a bit of good information relating to the Calvinist / Arminian debate. There are lots of video and audio links.

Much of the content is not classical Arminian (ie open theism, moral government, rejection of original sin, etc). Still, it is a worthwhile resource.

I've listened to some of the audio, which is by a fellow named Kerrigan Skelly. He has a series arguing against the TULIP. He presents to a group of little kids, so he dumbs things down quite a bit. I found his explanation of moral government theory helpful. A good understanding of MGT has always eluded me. :)


DonaldH said...

Great I will check it out. I also enjoyed the WLC Defenders podcast as well brother.

Bob Brewer said...

Which audio was it that gave the explanation of moral government theory? Is there a specific title or heading that it's under? Sorry I'm so inept at finiding things on the internet.

Kevin Jackson said...

Hi Bob, The audio wasn't labeled as moral government, he just mentioned it in the course of his presentation. I think that it was the Limited Atonement one, but I'm not 100% sure on that. If you go to the audios section, there are five by Kerrigan Skelly that that correspond to the five points of Tulip. It was one of those.