Saturday, November 14, 2009

Interesting Links - 11/14/09

Wesley the Movie premiers tonight in Winston-Salem, NC. The Winston-Salem Journal has an article about the production. For more info see the movie website or Facebook page. has a good short biography about Calvin: John Calvin - Geneva's Iron Hand.

SLW presents a cure for the TULIP.

The New American (a conservative opinion site) has an article that is critical of Al Gore and his climate change theories. The author, James Heiser, ties Gore's theory to Arminianism. "In a style suited for a culture swamped by typically Arminian thinking, Mr. Gore assures his readers that salvation is in their hands."

Calvinist Tim Haufler takes a look at 1 John 2:2. What does "whole world" mean?


Mr. Guthrie said...

I responded to Mr. Heiser's article in the comments section.

Kevin Jackson said...

Nice comment, you are right. Gore growing up as a Baptist wasn't Arminian. I frequently hear that Arminians are liberals, but rarely that liberals are Arminians. :) It seemed out of place in the context of the article.

Anonymous said...

To gently contradict Kevin, although there are some Baptists and some Baptist churches which are totally Calvinist, many others are Arminian when it comes to how a person is originally saved, and Calvinist only in the belief that once a person is truly saved, he cannot lose his salvation. By the way, I have not read the article yet, am a Baptist, am very strongly Arminian except on eternal security, and totally disagree with Al Gore's opinions.

SLW said...

Thanks, Kevin, for the link. A CURE is a nice thing to have for any disease! ;-)

Kevin Jackson said...

Jbush - Your points are well taken, and it sounds like we agree on most things. You are right, lots of Baptists are basically Arminian. BTW - You didn't miss much by not reading the article. The guy is out to lunch.

SLW - Yes it is always nice to have A CURE. :)