Thursday, November 5, 2009

John Goodwin's "Redemption Redeemed" Online!

The Society of Evangelical Arminians has obtained a PDF of "Redemption Redeemed" by John Goodwin. It can be found here.

From the website:
John Goodwin's Redemption Redeemed may be the best defense of Arminianism ever written. Published in 1651 by the Arminian Puritan John Goodwin (1593-1665), it is written in seventeenth century English with a Puritan writing style, which can make for challenging reading. But it contains tremendous biblical exegesis. The patient reader will be rewarded with a powerful, classic, comprehensive, biblical defense of five point Reformation Arminian theology.
And also:
A revised, shortened edition has been produced, which mildly updates the language and provides excerpts concentrated on defending unlimited atonement from the much larger work made available here: Redemption Redeemed: A Puritan Defense of Unlimited Atonement
Thanks to John Wagner for all the hard work he has done to make these resources available.

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