Saturday, August 15, 2009

Arminian Audio: James White / Roger and Faith Forster

Justin Brierly, host of the UK program Unbelievable, recently hosted two discussions between James White (Calvinist) and Roger and Faith Forster (Arminians). Rumor has it that that Greg Boyd was originally supposed to participate too, but was unable to make it. (HT: darinhouston)

The broadcasts are available to download as a podcasts, or by clicking on the audio links on the front page of the site. Go to the August 1 and August 8, 2009 episodes. Run time is an hour and 20 minutes for each episode.

James White is a well known Calvinist apologist. Roger and Faith Forster are Arminians, they pastor Ichthus Fellowship in London. Roger also co-authored the book "God's Strategy in Human History".

I have listened to the first episode, but not the second. The debate was pretty good. James White was his typical self (long winded and imputing incorrect positions to his opponents). The Forsters capably represented the Arminian view. I was particularly impressed with Faith Forster, who was not afraid of calling White out on his usual tactics.


Bob Brewer said...


Thanks for the link.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Bob B

Tony-Allen said...

Say Kevin, have you by chance listened to that one Dividing Line where James White took a call from Roman Catholic Matthew Bellisario? I was completely dumbfounded by his performance. Bellisario had called to discuss a comment White had made that inaccurately represented German Roman Catholics, White did most of the talking, then interrupted Bellisario and cut him off. You can read Bellisario's take on it here, and even find some responses from Calvinists who were flabbergasted.

Tony-Allen said...

Dang it, stupid html.

That's the link.

Kevin Jackson said...

Hi Tony, no I hadn't heard about that. I read through the link you sent, and can't say I'm surprised.

First, White often behaves that way. He won't give his opponents a chance to speak, and he dishonestly misrepresents their positions. I would not be willing to go on his show for that reason.

Second, I don't think he's a big enough man to admit when he is wrong. He's one of those people that thinks they must win at any cost.