Saturday, August 29, 2009

Interesting Links - 8/29/09

Did God send a tornado as a warning to the Evangelical Lutheran Church? John Piper says yes. Greg Boyd says no.

Blogger Ed Thompkins has a post entitled: What is Arminianism and Why am I an Arminian?

Blogger "cpyeager" thinks that John MacArthur has misrepresented Arminian theology.

A Nazarene/Wesleyan/Free Methodist merger? The Nazarenes have a motion to explore this. A Nazarene discussion board comments on it here. Wesleyan Keith Drury muses here.

Peter Lumpkins thinks that there is a tendency among some Calvinists for "artificial exegesis which leads to overstated conclusions. " He gives an example of R.C. Sproul and John 6:44.

For whom did Christ die? Three views: Calvinist (Paul Helm), Amyraldian (Michael Jensen), Arminian (Ben Witherington).

You Might be a Presbyterian if... (a little good natured Presbyterian humor)


The Seeking Disciple said...

I don't know what it is about Greg Boyd but every time I read his blogs or papers, the guy seems to have a liberal slant. While I agree with him in part about the tornado and the ELCA, I noticed that Boyd spoke on poverty (as if Piper and his ministry does not reach out to the poor or that Piper is unaware of poverty in our world). Boyd enjoyes taking liberal positions on such things as poverty, global warming, etc. To me, Boyd has moved from evangelical to open theist to progressive (liberal) theology. I don't have much respect for him for this.

And that's my two cents worth!

Kenneth said...

Piper is stuck in a timewarp with regard to his mindset. He should have learned something from the Englightenment.

Anonymous said...

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